From complex to simple: cryptocurrencies are changing the education world

Since the early years of its existence, blockchain has attracted investors as one of the most advanced and promising technologies. In recent years, more and more investments in the sector of decentralized coins and technologies have come from large market players who are ready to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is fair to expect that new, large capital will accelerate the development and improvement of technology, and this is partly true. Blockchain systematically reaches more and more spheres of activity and business, and shows itself successfully.

However, digital currencies and decentralized technology itself still have many unresolved problems. These disadvantages greatly limit the application of the technology in various sectors. Problems with scaling and network bandwidth limit the construction of global financial and information high-load ecosystems, and the lack of stability is holding back the expansion of the blockchain into the educational sphere.

What’s next?

Fortunately, hundreds of teams of enthusiasts and technicians are constantly working on some of these issues. For more than 5 years, the search for solutions has been ongoing to create convenient decentralized tools that will satisfy all parties: students, teachers, educational institutions, regulators.

And some of them have achieved significant success. Today we talk about EdgeCoin&GradeCoin’s project that is backed by ‘Girish Chandra’ who is a owner of London’s biggest Universities Group with the largest private sector of education universities in the UK.

The project is aiming to solve payment problems within the education sector and has a catchy name — EdgeCoin.

EdgeCoin mission

The idea of the project arose several years ago, while searching for solutions to the problems of all of the above participants in the educational process. “EdgeCoin” team leaders Luke Arliss and Armon Rabiee are 100% confident in the success of blockchain initiatives in the educational industry:

“We have literally just scratched the surface, Blockchain technology is well and truly becoming recognised as one of the most significant technologies of our time just as the internet was some 20 years ago. It will fundamentally change the world as we know it.” — developers comment.

EdgeCoin is an application, a decentralized payment system for educational institutions, through which students and sponsors can send transactions, work with money transfers and pay for educational services. This includes the purchase of office supplies, books, rental of campuses and apartments, rental of transport and many other things that are close to every student.

The qualities inherent in almost any decentralized system – transparency, security and efficiency – are also inherent in “EdgeCoin”, which runs on the Stellar blockchain. But the developers of the project went further and took care of the possibility of passive earnings for coin holders. Every EdgeCoin owner can earn GradeCoin by freezing tokens on the wallet. It works like PoS mining, which has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its simplicity and environmental friendliness.

The main benefit of EdgeCoin for the industry lies in securing transactions directly between the student and the educational service provider. The introduction of decentralized applications (DApps) will allow educational institutions to receive payments not only faster and more efficiently, but also save the industry from a large number of middlemen. This approach is cheaper, faster and easier, which is especially important in developing countries. And in the Western world, where education costs a lot of money, the transition to decentralized payment chains could bring about a real revolution in this sector.

“We needed a token that could be fully functional, a vital component to benefit students, universities and the community at large, with all the technology of the past century the world has become a smaller place, in fact I see it as a global village, with no borders and nothing that should suppress knowledge and the advancement of our fellow human being. Our goal was to create something that gave the greatest amount of benefit to our community members, to provide more value for their hard-earned money, utilise their time better and more productively and most importantly to accomplish this in a 100% absolute secure way. To provide a stress-free solution to the exciting and sometimes uncertain times that we live in. As our community grows so will our ability to provide more resources and benefits for everyone involved and the global community at large” — Luke Arliss, Founder of EdgeCoin.

The relevance of the project on the market is confirmed by the cooperation of EdgeCoin with such well-known companies as Probit, Global University System, XBIT and Simons & Simons.

How to join the project now?

Edgecoin isn’t just about the long term. The project already offers tools to increase profits. Users can stake coins in the liquidity pool to receive income and bonuses.

How Does Gradecoin Staking Works?

  1. Connect your wallet through Metamask, using either Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browsers. Safari and Opera browsers are not compatible with Metamask and will not function.
  2. Choose the coins you would like to deposit and begin staking within Edgecoin.
  3. Get your W-Edge coins followed with your Gradecoins located to your wallet that you created to deposit on.

You automatically receive Gradecoin whilst holding Edgecoin, a fluctuating coin on the DeFi market. Because of the massive demand & interest in this project, developers expect a 10x in the short term and the possibility of a 100x over a longer time frame.

What are the benefits of Staking Pool?

  • Entering early into Edgecoin Liquidity Staking Pool allows you to stake Gradecoin before the major exchange listings.
  • When entering into Liquidity Staking Pool early, you reap the benefits of automatically getting into Edgecoin fluctuating DeFi token, and receive 34% of Gradecoin at 0.20.
  • An early entry increases the amount of Gradecoins you can stake against Edgecoins before the major exchange listings

It is pointless to deny the success of cryptocurrencies and blockchain – even the most convinced skeptics are switching to the side of decentralized technologies, as evidenced by the latest news. Soon, in every direction there will be practical, convenient and high-quality blockchain applications that easily cover the needs of users. And those companies that understand this before others will find themselves in a better position, earning a reputation and bringing their project to an ideal. This is why the future of the education industry lies behind EdgeCoin, and why students and institutions should join the growing ecosystem early and benefit now.

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