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Hi, and welcome to Qonexa. We are the future of the digital world of currencies as we offer an alternate to all other world currencies that exist in the digital world. Those of us who work here at Qonexa know how important staying involved in the latest buying trends is to our customers and we are committed to helping them use the new digital currencies to contribute to organizations that strive to help people around the world, like ours. We strive to aid people in need around the world and provide financial aid to them in a currency that is guaranteed to reach them. In order to reach our goals, we need support and contributions from generous people like yourself and we ensure that your donations remain in the right hands until they reach their intended targets.

We use a decentralized crypto currency network here at Qonexa. Because of this, it eliminates the ability of third party users to control the transactions. When you purchase through Qonexa, all of the transactions are between the users and no one else. Our team has worked incredibly hard to implement multiple security layers on our website that ensures that your information will not be tampered with throughout the transaction process. We also have created a system that allows for very quick and accurate transactions. This allows you to see your contributions quickly and know that your money is headed to the right place in a faster amount of time.

When you obtain Qonexa coins or tokens, you immediately have access to an incredibly valuable interest giving and growing asset. This QNX asset allows you to help us reach our charitable goals and make a real difference in the world. Even in this age of online services and wealth, there are people across the globe who struggle to find food and shelter. We work incredibly hard and have established a plan to help them with a seamless and secure process. When you purchase Qonexa coins and tokens and contribute to our funds, you enable us to take the next step in our process and begin helping more and more people.

We also offer multiple bonus programs here at Qonexa like Pre ICO bonus which gives our users fifty percent more bonus tokens on their Pre ICO sale and phase bonuses that allow users to earn bonuses as they reach new phases of ICO. Our referral income program gives users a ten percent referral bonus on whole Pre ICO and ICO period, which incentivizes our users to spread the word about our efforts and help even more people in need. We also have investment channels that include Qonexa staking, Qonexa lending, Qonexa mining and Qonexa trading. We are certain that we can help you with any of your investment needs when you partner with our team.

Thanks again for visiting us here at Qonexa! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We have a dedicated team that is excited to answer your questions and help you get started.

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