Hotel reservation service ClearCost starts ITO

The ClearCost project allows users to purchase services at a cost price. It offers a win-win solution – token owners pay a reduced price, because it does not include advertising costs and other costs of attracting customers. Project pre-ITO has been held through May 21 to June 20, 2018; ITO – will be held from July to October.

The first of services is already offering travelers to book at a cost price. Its main goal is to make travel more affordable by reducing the cost of accommodation in hotels and with transparent pricing. Depending on the region, customers can save up to 25% of the best market price. The club system participants have access to hotels offering from around the world without unnecessary commissions and additional fees.

“Most of the travel companies are laying serious budgets for advertising – it can take up to 15% of the total turnover. These and other additional costs that do not create a benefit for the buyer, they are forced to include in the price of reservation,”- says Pavel Malyshev, the founder of the project.

ClearCost enables the club system participants to purchase tokens, and then use them to book accommodation in hotels at cost price. You can also become a member of the club by supporting the project on the crowdfunding platform Boomstarter. To access the reservation system you need to register on

ClearCost expects increasing discounts for customers as the project grows. It is advisable to purchase tokens for those who spend on a trip at least one or two weeks per year: at a purchase price of token about $ 50, the average traveler’s profit is about $ 500 (it depends heavily on the hotel class, its price and trip duration).

“The tourism market shows steady growth over the past five years, and according to forecasts by 2020 it will grow to $ 1.47 trillion; online bookings share is growing even more. Same time, at the moment the two largest players occupy only 17% of the market – new projects have all the opportunities to compete for their share. Especially if they can offer advantageous terms to customers as ClearCost do”, – adds Pavel Malyshev.

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About ClearCost

The ClearCost team has many years of experience in the tourism business, advertising and IT, it is engaged in creation and support of Internet projects. In 2017, the founders decided to create a service that creates opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation in the tourism market and gives users the advantage of booking travel arrangements without paying for advertising and for super-profits of travel agencies.

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