Introducing Ternio — bringing blockchain technology to advertising

Ternio is a project that aims to change digital advertising how we know it. Using blockchain technlolgy, it can be made easier to interact to interact with publishers and advertisers.
Among other advantages are:
– instant publisher transactions — publishers will be able to get paid basing not on period results. but on impressions. And get paid instantly.
– fraud prevention — system protects you from spending money on advertising to bots
– decentralized management blockchain-based system that controls supply chain from beginning to the end
– bringing full transparency to supply chain

If you are a publisher, the project can seem to be very interesting for you. As you will get guaranteed and instant transactions, also full transparency.

Lets go through the project tech part. It will work on Stellar (XLM). Here is an outline of how it would work with all stakeholders involved.

Снимок экрана 2018-02-13 в 14.40.28.png

So what about team? The squad consists of three cofounders, all working at Ad3 — marketing agency from USA. Daniel Gouldman is CEO at Ad3, Ian Kane is CRO, and Bryant Moroney is CTO. All three have enormous background in PR and marketing, as it is stated in whitepaper.

Token sale is planned on April, 2nd.

The roadmap looks like this:

  • Q2 2018 — Ternio Token exchange V1
  • Q2 2018 — Listed on Exchanges
  • Q3 2018 — Cross-chain communication launched
  • Q3 2018 — Finalization of User Verification System V.2
  • Q4 2018 — Finalization of Ternio Verification System V.2
  • Q4 2018 — Ternio Block Card Issued
  • Q4 2018 — 4 Ad Companies Integrated
  • Q1 2019 — Ternio Advertising Exchange

Stay up-to-date and track Ternio’s progress you can via website.

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