The Most Extensive Ecosystem to Grow your Digital Assets

Cubebit 2.0 is an innovative and extensive platform that tenders effortless, transparent, and secure way to grow your digital assets. It is an advanced blockchain-integrated platform that is developed by experienced blockchain experts and pioneers who have been in the industry since Bitcoin was introduced in 2009.

Bitcoin last 2009 doesn’t have any use case at all, Cubebit 2.0 and their Cube Coin CUB coins can definitely be the next big thing disrupting all industries little by little especially with all of the ecosystem that they are going to launch this 2021.

The team’s expertise in Blockchain Technology gave birth to Cubebit 2.0 which combines layers of infrastructure, services and applications that breaks through the most technologically progressive platform in the crypto world. The world is becoming more integrated into an open financial community where everyone can enjoy the power that banks & hedge funds have held for centuries.

It features an exceptional and highly diverse functional integration, making it the most secure decentralized today. Users can buy and sell crypto currencies risk-free, stress-free, and 100% safe. The technology behind the platform stands to revolutionize crypto adoption by becoming the base layer upon which future decentralized functions are built. Trading Bot is executed in high speed without hefty fees, making CubeBit the world’s most reliable and stable platform for both experts and beginners.

Cubebit 2.0 represents the next generation of the digital currency revolution as it brings a world-class platform with a high-performance engine that is simple, transparent, trustworthy, instant, and scalable. Through its Cubebit 2.0’s Blockchain coding advancements, effective trading strategies and non-stop innovation is being implemented for a remarkable digital asset experience. We are all waiting for a new financial ecosystem to develop in the modern world, Cubebit 2.0 can definitely bring that for us in the table.

The platform is created to address the significant issues in the crypto space, including: 

  • operation inefficiency;
  • lack of liquidity;
  • security concerns.

Cubebit 2.0’s main operating system is what they call Cube Protocol that’s based on an alternative consensus algorithm being developed at Cube Labs that allows the Blockchain to connect to millions of nodes.

Cube coins are the native currency of Cubebit 2.0’s ecosystem. It is mineable through Cubebit 2.0’s special mining consensus and the total supply is 300M.

From Cube Coins to their own exchange and digital wallet which is called CubEx and CPay, Cubebit 2.0 really offers everything. The advantages of Cubex is their Index Funds, it is the world’s first integrated Index Funds with in-built liquidity fund to enhance the hedge fund’s institutional experience.

Cubebit 2.0’s CubEx Node Handler enables node providers that are similar to banking server providers. Their CubEx run nodes for various Blockchains. The best part is the income assets with 1% fee on all trades with a monthly volume of $500 million will enable many people to earn $5 million monthly.

The Cube Pay wallet will charge a flat 1% fee on all transfers and 3% on banking transactions. With a targeted volume of $50 million monthly, it will give us a revenue of $500,000. Cube Merchant Solutions has a 1% processing fee and 3% banking charge, so a merchant volume of $50 million will make us $500,000. For the first time in the history of cryptocurrency Cubebit 2.0 will let us trade bonds with Cubebit 2.0’s CubEx native fiat pairs will also support trading pairs in 10-15 national currencies powered by CUSD.

The Cube Dollar (CUSD) is a Stablecoin backed by 1-1 USD held in trust & custody. A unique feature of Cube $ can be converted to Cube Euro, Cube Peso, Cube Rupee & 192 other national currency variants. Highlighting their hybrid trading engine, Cubebit 2.0’s CubEx will power liquidity by their trading engine with decentralized liquidity pools with stablecoin pairs, as we trade various national currencies in one environment, we can also play forex in crypto.

Cubebit 2.0 will surely break all barriers, connect markets, and be the most prominent digital trading and stake platform by delivering a reliable, intuitive, and user-oriented platform accessible all across the crypto community.

If your goal is to generate guaranteed profits with effective crypto strategies while using a secure, stable and scalable platform, join CubeBit now!

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