Crypto Narnia Leaks: «Secret» Analytics


– Today the most successful Russian project Waves launches smart contracts. What do we do with this? In Waves, the emphasis is on lightweight smart contacts – the so-called Turing-incomplete, accessible to any user. The goal is to introduce scenarios for the use of smart contracts in the Waves client, so that everyone can find their use without having knowledge of programming. The functionality of such smart contracts will include, for example, accounts with multi-signatures and the ability to freeze tokens for a certain time, preventing their movement and sale. After thoroughly testing the Turing-incomplete smart contracts, Waves will release Turing-complete smart contracts, applicable for absolutely any type of tasks.


GoChain (GO)

– The time to catch GoChain in the run-up to the listig. 6 days passed since Binance news. 10-20% short term easy!

– Ha, any move with bitcoin – and GoChain will drop on the bottom!

GoChain is a scalable, high performance, low cost, and decentralized cryptocurrency and blockchain that supports smart contracts and distributed applications. Token Sale ended 3 MAY with $13,700,000 (100%). Returns since ICO: 1.50x USD; 5.23x ETH; 2.18xBTC

Metronome (MET)

– With MET was pleasantly surprised too…

Metronome (Currency) – is the world’s first cross-blockchain cryptocurrency, making decentralization possible and delivering institutional-class endurance. Token Sale ended 25 JUNE with $12,110,500 (100%). Returns since ICO: 1.24x USD; 2.89x ETH; 1.21x BTC.

PKG Token

– But PKG decreased -80% in one night… Smbd bought at highs!

PKG uses the VR/AR technologies and machine learning tools to enhance the experience of playing



– How to hedge funds, if everything is in bitcoin? For example, I need insurance if bitcoin suddenly flies to 3000, I want to have the same amount in dollars as now in the equivalent. It turns out I need to buy now bitcoin and in parallel to rise in short with a shoulder and to put stop above on the market? The total will go below, my profit on shorts is compensated for by a loss, that bitcoin has fallen in price. And in another case, bitcoin will go upstairs, take out the shorts, I’ll pay for this position, but I’ll still win, because bitcoin is bought.

– How I like shorts and trips to the bottom!

– It’s not hard to get the market down. But to raise it again, and espessially after such a prolonged fall … Whales may not pull …


– As they said – What have happened twice, will happen in the third time! (About bitcoin)

About themselves

– Everybody today are to-the-moon-ing…

– Just Ethereum dropped.

– Hard to please you. When Holo (HOT) played back the half of the fall in USD – you cried – horror, nightmare, fake, manipul! When the whole market went after him – nothing special.

– We’re experienced, demanding users of To-The-Moon!

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