Harmony (ONE) supports good hype after IEO on Binance (BNB)

On IEO on Binance on May 28, which was successful as previous ones, Harmony project got the required amount for its token with an immodest ticker ONE. But what amount exactly? This is a mystery. Harmony tokens were sold, of course, for Binance BNB tokens, that are volatile. The price for IEO was as follows: 1 ONE = 0.000092 BNB. Tokensale supply was 1,575,000,000 according to Binance.

According to icodrops.com: 1 ONE = $ 0.003175. Total winning tickets were 16 666. Each ticket means tokens for an amount of $ 300 or 94,488.18 ONE.

Further counting is meaningless. In general, Harmony gained its $ 5M. Today Harmony takes the 1847th place in terms of capitalization as for CoinMarketCap and has already rised for almost 30% since listing, from $ 0.021813 to $ 0.028207.

The rise was even greater in moment ($ 0.030283). And if you count from the price of IEO, then the growth is fantastic.

But Harmony rightly intends to develop success while the hype is still good enough since IEO.

Blockchain + oracle =?

Recall that Harmony is positioning itself as the fastest blockchain with sharding and p2p networking.

But there are already dozens of such blockchains. But there are still not blockchains tha are associated with the oracle. This is exactly what Harmony tries to make together with Chainlink.

What kind of oracle? This is not at all what is behind the Oracle brand – the second largest producer of software (after Microsoft), the largest software manufacturer for organizations, a supplier of servers, a leader in ERP and CRM supply. The oracle in crypto is something very special. Such an oracle provides additional information for smart contracts from the “fiat” world – for example, the flight schedule. And that extends the functionality of smart contracts. It is stated that oracles provide additional functionality for decentralized blockchain network. But the problem is that smart contracts deal with reliable (“trustless”) information (“distributed trust”). And information from the outside is unreliable and needs additional verification. This is the verification that the Chainlink provides. It is stated that the project guarantees reliable and secure information both for large systems like SWIFT, and for teams of two or three developers.

If everything proves to be true, then the alliance of Harmony as a representative of the blockchain-sphere, and Chainlink, from the side of fiat world – will give big advantages to startup. As long as Harmony’s capitalization is growing moderately, investors can make good money with it. True, ONE tokens are mainly listed at Binance, as it is easy to guess. Plus, Bilaxy with a tiny volume of $ 75 K.

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