Suppoman: how to get to private sale and pre-sale

«Superhero of cryptocurrency» Suppoman, who hosts an extremely popular daily crypto show ‘Savage Cash’ and is considered an expert in cryptocurrency area, believes that his main investment is Hashgraph, in which he has invested as much money as he has not invested anywhere else. According to Suppoman, this project will give x700 and overtake ETH.

Suppoman offers 4 ways of getting to private sales and pre-sales:

  • Enter through the public ICO pools;
  • Get into a non-public communication – meetings, parties, etc;
  • Get the status of an accredited investor and write directly to the project team via e-mail/Telegram;
  • Create a popular blog / youtube channel, and the funds will write to you with interesting offers themselves.

This is not an easy way, and if the last three points are too difficult, then only the first one remains – to enter through public ICO pools.

Yesterday, we wrote Suppoman’s opinion about future market behavior and some crypto-currencies’ behavior in particular. The expert waits for the decrease of bitcoin to $5 000. “At least – below $ 6 000”, – says Suppoman.

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