New Technologies in Media and Entertainment (M&E) at the Cannes Festival

May 15, 2020, Astra Global will hold an event at which introduce new technologies to traditional decision-makers from the M&E industry and show real use cases in order to originate new business opportunities. 

The event will be the official participant at the XR program of Cannes Festival — an annual film festival held in late May in the resort town of Cannes in France. The event will be visited top executives from the M&E industry (on the website), UHNWI, investors, Bloomberg TV audience And among sponsors appear innovative companies, projects, consultants, who want to increase their brand awareness and meet top executives from the M&E Industry.

The event will be held in the format round-table discussions and interviews with the participation of industry experts, leading investors and projects on can new technologies address and resolve the industry inefficiencies. Companies will tell their life stories of the projects who have raised production money using new technologies. 

The conference will be attended by platforms and agents who help projects to raise money will share their experience on best industry practices, threats, and opportunities.  And investors will share their expectations and the eagerness/or doubts about using new technologies. 

The team worked well on marketing, as well as on the dissemination of important information among its entire audience. Filming of speeches will be broadcasted via Bloomberg TV on the weekend. Bloomberg’s audience global household reaches 400 mm.

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