Protos asset management & DLT Capital blockchain summit in Zurich

The “Davos for Blockchain” will take place again on January 17th, 2020 at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich. Following the recipe for success last year, Protos Asset Management and DLT Capital are once again inviting you to this blockchain summit, where industry insiders can exchange information on the latest developments in the blockchain ecosystem.

Why go to our summit? It has become the ideal event for experienced crypto investors as well as for industry insiders to hold heated discussions at the highest level in an intimate setting. The summit lasts over 1.5 days and takes place on the main conference day on Friday, January 17, 2020, in the Dolder Grand Hotel, just a few days before the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos …

In the context of current crypto price fluctuations, the discussions surrounding the topic of securing and investing in a crypto portfolio are highly relevant. Likewise, the exciting current developments in the further blockchain ecosystem, in particular, the new financial regulation and regulation around the topic of crypto custody (safekeeping of so-called “private keys”) are discussed in detail and critically examined

The participants in the summit include:

  • Premium partners, e.g. Mauro Capiello (Plutoneo), Dr. Philipp von Randow (FQXAG), Dr. Natalie Tillack (Scalewonder), Christian Römlein (Intelligent Fluids GmbH);
  • Designer of the scene, e.g. Fabian Vogelsteller (Ethereum Lead Dev. & Founder of Lukso), Anish Mohammed (Ripple), Ryan Zurrer (Web3 Foundation);
  • The elite of the financial world, e.g. Dr. Christian Nagel (founding partner Earlybird), Jan Miczaika (partner Holtzbrinck VC), Jeanette Marscher (Board Angelgate AG), Peter Großkopf (CTO Börse Stuttgart DAE), etc;
  • Elite in the crypto financial world, e.g. David Fauchier (CEO Cambrial), Martin Burgherr (CCO Sygnum), Lasse Clausen (Founding Partner 1kx), William Peets (CIO Passport Digital Holdings), Alexander Mole (Neufund), Jonathan Knoll (Member of the Libra Association), Philipp Pieper (CEO Swarm Fund), Roger Wurzel (CEO DLT Markets, Bank Frick), Hui Wang (CEO Matrixport);
  • Well-known experts in this area, e.g. Dr. Thomas Nägele (Managing Partner, Nägele in Liechtenstein), Dr. Nick Wittek (Partner JonesDay), Prof. Sandner (Frankfurt School Blockchain Center), Dr. Daniel Flühmann (Partner Bär & Karrer), etc;
  • Large crypto investors (so-called “whales”) as well as well-known top start-ups and ICO / STOs as well as crypto mining companies.

The main event in January 2020 will focus on:

  1. The main trends that shape the industry, including a comparison of crypto ecosystems
  • The innovative Liechtenstein regulators vs. the conservative Germans / Swiss – is there a need to catch up? Who’s going to run?
  • Institutional investors shortly before entering crypto markets – when will the long-awaited breakthrough come?
  • China vs. USA vs. Europe – Which strategy should you choose to position yourself as a winner?

2. The world in 2025: opportu0ities through the new financial infrastructure

  • 2020 The “Year of Custody” will be the first battleground between the old and new financial ecosystems?
  • Are traditional actors prepared?
  • How is the upcoming law for Germany structured?

3. Finance 3.0: New world order and the actors that shape it (e.g. Libra, Liechtenstein, ECB with the “Euro on Chain” etc., development of the state stable coin in China, …)

  • A look behind the scenes of Libra
  • ECB as a fast follower?
  • How quickly does China get serious and move the fortunes of 1.4 billion people with digital national currency?
  • Asset tokenization – are these “holdings in various assets” removed from the crowd?

4. Investment strategies – opportunities for returns in an uncertain environment

  • Let your crypto portfolio work for you – a critical assessment of the available crypto asset management strategies, their risks and return expectations.
  • What are the biggest crypto owners doing with their portfolios? Presentation of the latest Protos insider survey
  • “New Kids on the Block”: New trading strategies from the existing financial markets are entering the crypto market – the convergence of AI and blockchain as well as high-frequency trading and perfect execution
  • The main threats to your crypto portfolio in 2020.

5. Venture capital – in which topics do industry insiders invest?

  • Successful projects show leading, but comparatively proven technologies in the blockchain world and a management team that has also proven itself outside the crypto world.
  • What actually happened to the STOs? An exploration of the current non-hype phase. Does it really start again?
The conference is organized in partnership with DLT Capital ( and Protos Asset Management (





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