AERGO launches public testnet, releases AERGO Chain beta

AERGO (AERGO) is a 4th generation blockchain protocol combined with an IT platform that uses advanced technologies.

On December 28, the project’s team announced the launch of the AERGO public test network.

The testnet currently consists of thirteen block producers, but will eventually consist of twenty-three block producers.

“This will be done in an effort to make sure the test network represents the same environment and conditions that the main network would represent once live”, – reads the announcement.

This test network allows external participants to join the AERGO network in a variety of ways. Participating in the AERGO public testnet requires that you do three things:

  • Operate a full node
  • Attach the client to a well-known node
  • Get testnet tokens

The testnet is configured using the AERGO beta release node. New features on the AERGO chain released in this version include:

  • BFT-dPOS with voting (consensus): Election now integrated. The pre-test net had the function of agreeing on blocks among the set block producers. This testnet has a function that allows it to select the block producer through a voting process.
  • Named Accounts: For user convenience, a Named Account function which allows users to regard their accounts by a set name rather than an address is provided.
  • Extended AERGO Lua: The AERGO Lua smart contract language has been extended for more convenient development.
  • Advanced Client Framework: Provides a wallet interface that interacts with keystore files and manages nonce values. Provides the ability to execute smart contracts through interface calls. Provides a contract library to issue tokens based on AERGO.
  • Hub-Enterprise: Enterprise customers see easy management and monitoring of their networks as a prerequisite. AERGO provides the Hub-Enterprise blockchain control solution to solve this problem.
  • Merkle Bridge Verification (phase 1): StateTrie Merkle proof verifications and delegated token transfers are now implemented in the Merkle bridge.
  • Various Smart Contract Templates: Some standard smart contracts provided.

The link to get AERGO testnet tokens is available in the progect’s official announcement.

On December 21, AERGO published full token metrics.

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