Carry Protocol (CRE) will end its crowdsale on September 4

Carry Protocol (CRE) makes personal data fair for consumers, marketers and merchants.

Carry Protocol crowdsale started on August 26 at 11:00 AM.

Today, September 3, the Carry team announced that the crowdsale will end at 11:00 am (GMT+0) on September 4.

“Several important strategic partners, who missed our private sale, asked us if they could purchase some of the crowdsale tokens. These partners have the potential to jump start our effort to bring Carry in the hands of real merchants and users because they operate well known brands and services that millions of people already use in our initial target markets (Korea, Japan)”, – wrote the Carry team, adding:

“Also, we decided to close the crowdsale at 11:00 am (GMT+0) on September 4, 2018 and to sell unsold crowdsale tokens to these strategic partners.”

According to the announcement, tokens will be sold to strategic partners under the following terms:

  • Same price as crowdsale
  • No bonus tokens
  • 3 month lock-up

The Carry team will announce the strategic partners in the near future.

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