Coincheck resumes depositing and purchasing services for XRP (XRP) and Factom (FCT)

Monex Group, the Internet broker which purchased the hacked exchange Coincheck in April, announced on November 26 that the exchange had resumed depositing and purchasing services for XRP (XRP) and Factom (FCT).

Coincheck had suspended certain services in order to protect the integrity of customers’ assets and to investigate the cause of the breach to its system on January 26, 2018 which led to the illegal remittance of the cryptocurrency NEM. Since then, Coincheck had been working to improve its management structure and internal control by carrying out business improvement plans.

“Up to date, Coincheck has been steadily resuming as each service’s technical safety is confirmed through the supports of external experts”, – reads the announcement.

As of the announcement today regarding XRP and FCT, Coincheck has resumed depositing and purchasing services for all tradable cryptocurrencies on Coincheck.

Services currently available on Coincheck

  • New account openings (Domestic residents only)
  • Depositing, purchasing, remitting and selling cryptocurrencies (for all tradable cryptocurrencies on Coincheck)
  • Depositing and withdrawing JPY
  • Making settlements and margin deposits/withdrawals on existing leveraged transactions (Customers who already hold leveraged positions remain qualified for exercising settlement transactions and transferring margin deposits and withdrawals. New leveraged transactions are still currently suspended.)
  • Coincheck cryptocurrency lending service (for all tradable cryptocurrencies on Coincheck)

Various other services, including leveraged transactions and an affiliate service, are in preparation for resumption, Monex added.

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