Eximchain (EXC) mainnet is live

EximChain (EXC) is a software development company focused on supply chain applications. From supplier credit to inventory management, Eximchain helps businesses connect, transact, and share information more efficiently and securely.

On October 5, the Eximchain Mainnet was launched across 14 regions globally. Developers are now able to to connect to the Eximchain network through the Github Link, allowing outside participants to connect to the network freely.

In addition, the project’s team launched Eximchain Token Holder Verification portal. As of today users may whitelist the address they will use for the token swap.

Eximchain also created an online Help Center portal to share the guidelines for Token Swap and Eximchain Governance Onboarding processes. The team also started building Eximchain Knowledge Base.

The Eximchain team also announced the creation of Eximchain Status portal. It means that everyone can now check the healthiness of Eximchain Mainnet, sign up for service maintenance alerts, or report any outages.

In development

  • Eximchain Governance App
  • Eximchain Wallet
  • Eximchain Block Explorer
  • Eximchain Token Swap

According to the announcement, Eximchain will launch the Eximchain SDK next year, which will enable companies to build customized, end-to-end, supply chain applications utilizing the Eximchain Mainnet.

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