Ledgers fly away! After Balina ETHs hacked off

Stealing almost $ 2 million from the ETH accounts of the popular crypto evangelist and investor Ian Balina caused a deafening resonance in crypto-community. Somee opinions were expressed in the spirit of the “conspiracy theory”. They say, it was Balina himself who made this up, too improbable this story seemed. But it’s obvious that for Balina this was just a very expensive lesson. And for everyone else – the reason  to pay attention once again to safety. The old truth – there is not a lot of security – with respect to the crypto has a hard embodiment in every sense – the ledger, a hardware wallet (Ledger Wallet).

This ledger looks like ordinary flash drive. And according to the general opinion – it is the only reliable store of the cryptcurrency. Access to the critical wallet with it gets additional protection due to the PIN-code of this “flash drive”.

After cybercriminals hacked the computer guru, ledgers became the main topic in all the chats in the crypto-community. And the demand for devices jumped to the skies – to the  delight of suppliers and manufacturers. Beginners and  those who are parsimonious –  talk about available “Trezors” of Czech production. Others prefer devices with a stable international reputation.

In any case, the lesson of Ian Balina proved to be beneficial to all crypto-community. And to the manufacturers of the ledgers.

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