Matter’s implemenation of Ethereum (ETH) scaling solution is ready for release

The Matter team announced that the company is ready to release one of the first production – ready implementations of Plasma protocol that Matter has created being in tight contact with the Ethereum Foundation and BANKEX Foundation.

Features of Matter’s plasma implementation:

  • Speed

25k transactions per second (tps) are 1500x faster than Ethereum mainnet and fast enough to to host stable coins with a high rate of exchange.

  • Cost

One cent per transaction is cheap enough for micropayments. (The price in USD depends on ETH exchange rate. Here the Matter team refers to ETH price equal to $500).

  • Security

The solution provides the same security guarantees as parent blockchain.

  • Stability

Plasma is immune to the 51% attack since the one central node produces blocks. The central node is not interested in fraudulent activity because if anyone validates the fact of fraud, the central node will lose its security deposit.

  • Side chain

Unrestricted assets and value transfer between Plasma and parent blockchain. Users can transfer coins and tokens inside plasma. Plasma also perfectly fits as a core of decentralized exchange platform.

  • Confidential transactions

With next plasma release users will be able to conceal transaction ammount.That feature is missing on the Ethereum mainnet.

Earlier today, Coinstelegram reported that Vitalik Buterin offers to scale Ethereum (ETH) using ZK-SNARKS technology, which could allow Ethereum to process a maximum of around 500 transactions per second.

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