The UN considers visiting a crypto conference in North Korea a violation of sanctions

In a report that is supposedly being prepared for a report to the UN Security Council, experts note that any assistance by the DPRK in organizing a cryptocurrency conference indirectly helps North Korea to advance its weapons programs.

“Supporting the use of DPRK cryptocurrencies and blockchain violates the Security Council resolution, as this will inevitably help North Korea evade sanctions and finance its weapons programs,” — said the UK representative to the UN.

There were already similar situations last year when Ethereum Foundation employee Virgil Griffith attended events in Pyongyang. Griffith has been arrested and is charged with providing Korea with information to circumvent US economic sanctions. Despite this, an employee of the Ethereum Foundation still encourages United States citizens to attend crypto events “behind the Iron Curtain”.

It is worth noting that the event’s website says that there are no stamps in the passports of American citizens who will attend the conference. This is an attempt to hide the border crossing and avoid responsibility.


The DPRK has been repeatedly accused of attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges with the aim of stealing funds to “finance the development of weapons.”


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