Update on current FBI investigation on $2 million theft from Ian Balina

Ian Balina, an influential blockchain and cryptocurrency investor, was hacked on April 16. More than $1,9 mln were stolen.

Today Ian Balina published an updated information about current FBI investigation on almost $2 million theft from him.

«We believe to have identified the hacker(s)».

Balina says that funds recovery is a super complex situation. When dealing with folks outside the USA, the process can take a while. And until anything is confirmed, he prefers not to speculate.

He adds that a portion of the funds stolen from him was successfully secured or frozen, without getting into specifics.

«I appreciate all of the support my community and the crypto community as whole has shown me. We are very confident justice will be served. Not just for me, but for the past victims the hacker(s) have also hacked», – says Balina.

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