Vite (VITE) block explorer and wallet are released

Vite (VITE) is a next-generation reactive blockchain that aims to empower dApps with ultra-high throughput and scalability, by leveraging a message-driven, asynchronous architecture and a DAG-based ledger.

On August 16, the Vite team announced that the Blockchain Explorer and Wallet will be publicly available on August 23.

Today the team has announced that the Vite block explorer and wallet (preview version) are finally released.

The main functions of Block Explorer (preview version) are as follows:

  • Display of snapshot block height, recent snapshots and transactions
  • Review of transaction lists and details
  • Review of snapshot lists and details
  • Review of lists and details of the listed token in Vite system
  • Ability to search snapshot blocks, transactions, and tokens
  • Multilingual support (Only Chinese/English in this version)

Notes: More stats will become available in the next version; currently, some sections will say “No data available.”

Vite Desktop Wallet (preview Version)

  • The Vite Desktop Wallet is based on the DAG ledger structure and covers all nodes in the network
  • Account sign-up and import
  • Review of account balance, address and transactions
  • Account back-up
  • Preview version of test tokens (these preview tokens are only for test in this version; they will probably be deleted in the next version)
  • Ability to send tokens to other accounts
  • Ability to auto-approve token receives
  • Multilingual support(Only Chinese/English in this version)

Notes: Account recovery with private key is not supported in this version and will be added in next versions.

The preview versions of explorer and wallet are implemented for the purposes of displaying basic functions of Vite, and soliciting suggestions from users. This version only include a small part of Vite’s basic functions without any optimization for performance. There might be error or bugs. The Vite team will continue releasing the new version periodically, to implement more functions, resolve bugs and gradually optimize the performance.

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