CDIAMONCOIN (DPT TOKEN) — the old methods in a new form

This material was supported by Rafael, the author of the “Slezi Satoshi”(Satoshi’s tears) channel, who provided information, facts, and evidence of a fraudulent scheme whose creators had already deceived hundreds of people several years ago. So what is the essence of today’s project, and why did Rafael spend so much time searching and preparing information that should stop everyone who wants to invest in DPT Token?

Invest in diamonds and make money (but not exactly)

You should start by exploring the idea of CDIAMONCOIN, the official founder and leader of which is Igor Nikitin. On the official website, Certified Diamond Coin is presented as a stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain, which depends on the cost of diamonds. As the developers convince, their project should make the diamond market transparent, and the elementary profit for the investor is a profitable investment of funds that will be protected from inflation due to the stable demand for diamonds.

But, to use the platform, to complete transactions and trade on exchanges, CDIAMONCOIN issued a volatile token DPT (Diamond Platform Token), which was also sold to investors on the ICO. This is the main coin of the project, which is advertised by managers, talking about the incredible growth of the course in the future. The same coin can be bought directly on the official website by paying with a credit card.


Based on this, Cdiamoncoin can be considered as another blockchain project where blockchain technology is needed only in order to receive investments in the simplest way – through an ICO. But, as often happens, the truth lies deeper, and now we will give you the results of the investigation of Rafael so that you can see for yourself the dangers of investing in CDIAMONCOIN and save your friends from losing money.

Which of the team members remains in the shadows and why?

 Perhaps, this issue lies one of the main reasons that makes us suspicious of the project. Cdiamondcoin is registered under the jurisdiction of Estonia and can easily be found on the website of the “Center for Registration and Information Systems”, where information about the founders of the company is available.


At the same time, on the project’s website, the “Team” section is as follows:


It is not difficult to notice the lack of information about one of the founders in the last screenshot. This mysterious co-founder, information about which the project team decided to hide for some reason, is businessman Aivar Smans. And the reason can only be Aivar’s reputation:

“In 2013, Aivar Smans organized Macros Capital with several other people – former leaders of the ill-fated pyramid of the 90s – MMM (Mavrodi). Did he know who he was dealing with? Obviously knew. And despite the fact that the argument of Aivars’ innocence in the Macros Capital scam now is an attempt on him in 2014 and the inability to conduct business, this does not justify his involvement and the initial idea to deceive the citizens of the CIS. ” — writes DPTSCAM 

However, the day after Rafael published the video revelation, Cdiamindcoin decided to submit Aivar Sansa officially on his YouTube channel:

Founded 7 years ago Macros Capital(site not available) offered to invest … yes, in diamonds! The scheme was simple: those who wanted to get a big profit sitting on the couch bought a diamond from this company, for which they received 20% of the invested money monthly. The price of a diamond at Macros Capital was 10-20 times higher than the market price. This difference formed the “portfolio” for the payment of fees and the creation of a financial pyramid.

The history of Macros Capital ended exactly at the moment when the “businessmen” collected enough money, and in the most predictable way – it just closed. Although back in 2013, users of thematic forums already began to see elementary signs of a financial pyramid in this company.

According to a blog post by one of the investors who, in 2014, managed to get a closer look at the “diamond project”, at one point the company published information about the armed attack on its office in Latvia, and payment delays began. Representatives of Macros Capital claimed that they could not adhere to the standard payment schedule, since all computers in the financial department were seized as material evidence in the attack case. Over and over, the terms of the promised payment were postponed, although the site still continued to accept payments from new “investors”. And then, the organizers simply created a new Macsel company, in which they offered to move all the unlucky participants of the still alive Macros Capital.

Legally, Macros Capital was well planned. The victims of this “pyramid” cannot present any legal claims. And although the police are still looking for some of Aivar’s colleagues, he successfully organized another similar scheme, only this time with the help of Igor Nikitin and on the blockchain.

This is how diamond cards from Cdiamondcoin and Macros Capital look like. One could joke about “Find 10 Differences”:

“Evolution of DPT”Source:

In addition, the author of the channel DPTSCAM DPTSCAM claims that it’s Igor Nikitin in Macros Capital’s advertising about the benefits and incredible returns from investing in a “diamond pyramid.”

But Igor, for obvious reasons, denies his partner’s involvement in the fraud. He believes that the co-founders of Macros Capital have also deceived Aivar, having committed all these actions without his knowledge.  But Aivar for some reason did not sue them, neither to protect his interests nor to protect the community.

“I was responsible only for the “stones “, I was assigned only the supply of stones, claims for the quality of which were not received from any member of the Macros Capital scheme,” — as Aivar said.

What are the problems with CDIAMONCOIN and why is this alarming?

The new blockchain project of Igor Nikitin (and, as you now know, Aivar Smans) — CDIAMONCOIN, launched the ICO in 2018. It’s no secret that at that time more than 90% of all projects could not even collect soft cap – the minimum amount for development. The DPT token was waiting for exactly the same story: 40% of the total issue of 10,000,000 coins were allocated for sale, but about 85% of all DPT tokens are still on 2 wallets. This can be easily verified by checking the address of the contract 


Usually, in such a situation, an ICO startup must return all the money to investors and declare failure. If the collected money is enough for the development of the project, then all unsold tokens are burned. Otherwise, what is the point of listing millions of tokens on the exchange, for which there was initially no demand?

But in the story with CDIAMONCOIN, the team is owners of almost all of the DTPs. And this means that there will be no obstacles for artificial manipulations with the price of a coin. Igor Nikitin has repeatedly called for investing in CDIAMONCOIN and buying DPT, predicting growth to $ 500 per coin and promising to bring the project to the TOP 10 according to Coinmarketcap.

In fact, Igor’s promises about the growth of the DPT rate and the conquest of high marks in coin ratings are achievable, which Rafael proved on one of his streams. The scheme is very simple and still works: Having the main issue of coins on your wallets, you can create artificial demand on the exchange by selling and buying tokens on your own at an increased price from hundreds and thousands of different wallets. At the same time, the project does not lose anything, because the money remains with it, and the tokens remain with it.

How is this dangerous? Raising the price to the 100, 500 or 1000 dollars per coin, the project will gradually begin to sell it to the market. And then there is a huge number of people who want to buy a token with such a green dynamic, especially after a small drawdown. But, since the entire issue is in the hands of a conditionally one person, he is easily able to collapse it to zero values, getting rid of a significant part of the coins. This usually ends the story. The project remains with money, and the investor with useless tokens, which no one will “pump”. 

Another proof of the project’s intentions is the situation with the bounty campaign, or rather, with the award to its participants. In September 2018, a branch with the announcement of the bounty campaign Cdiamondcoin appeared on the popular cryptocurrency forum Bitcointalk. But there is still no clear news on the distribution of awards. In the official bounty chat, the team representatives delete “uncomfortable” messages and promise to inform the token distribution deadlines in the near future.


Why it happens? This question is answered by the authors of the DPTSCAM channel:


220,000 DPT should already be in the hands of the bounty participants! Imagine what would be the price of DPT now if they were honestly given coins?) They would sell 220 thousand tokens on the exchange and .. that would be the end


Pump a coin when there are no sellers, and then start selling countless team tokens. And then disappear. But how to implement this plan, if the project needs to pay off the participants in the bounty?“

And these arguments are very logical because everyone who is familiar with the ICO industry knows that sending tokens to bounty participants in 99% of cases means a drop in the rate of these tokens. Accordingly, if Cdiamondcoin gives their coins to thousands of people, they can simply lose control of the price, as well as all hopes for the implementation of the scheme.


A 30-minute video published on Rafael’s channel with the information described in this article was deleted from the service 3 times due to complaints from the heroes of our story. But this was not enough. In a personal conversation with Rafael, Igor Nikitin spoke about Aivar Sms’s intentions to file a class action lawsuit allegedly “for defamation” and the company’s losses from the activities of the Satoshi Tears channel

“In a dialogue with me, Igor tried to attract me to the project and change my opinion about it – apparently, the problems they encountered were already too serious, and this, in their opinion, was the only way to regain trust in the collapsing community of Igor Nikitin” — Rafael comments on the situation. 

Until this story is not over, you can watch it on the Telegram channel: 

The only way out for those who, for some reason, have already fallen into this, or similar “adventures”, is to sell their tokens earlier than the project starts to sell them massively, collapsing the rate. And although many people who want to get rid of DPT cannot even do this for $ 3.5, although the official rate is $ 10, in the future the situation is unlikely to change for the better.

In order to avoid participation in such situations, always carefully evaluate the project in which you are going to invest. Although these investments are associated with great risks, you can still verify in advance the honesty and prospects of the project, if you follow certain tips:

+ Relevance. Is it needed in the market? Will there be a demand for it?
+ Transparency. What is the essence of the project? What are the developers going to earn?
+ Blockchain. How much decentralization is needed in the project? Is it possible to implement the plan without blockchain?
+ Economy. You should understand the main purpose and application of tokens, as well as the plans of developers to spend the collected funds.

– Do not mess with projects that hide or distort team information.
– Avoid participating in projects with signs of a pyramid, or with a pronounced referral system.
– You should not invest in a project that distorts the facts even at the time of the creation of White Paper. Explore this issue in detail.

Check out the reviews and recommendations of bloggers and experts you trust. But remember that the final decision is always yours.

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