Binance (BNB) continues onslaughts, now on developers

On the last Thursday of summer, the Binance exchange launched a platform Binance X for developers with the goal of creating a real ecosystem on the Binance blockchain (Binance Chain). Thus, Changpeng CZ Zhao confirmed its intention to challenge Ether and Vitalik Buterin.

The background of this is the desire to make BNB the leading altcoin as for capitalization. Now, after BNB has already shown 6 Xs since the beginning of the year due tosuccessful IEOs on Binance, it’s time to expand the Binance community with new developers and application’s users.

As for Teck Chia, the head of Binance X:

– Binance has evolved into a platform with multiple products and services, and we believe it is the right time to systematically foster a developer ecosystem to build innovative products and services on our platform.

Binance promises to use the full power of its resources to support developers around the world.

In fact, CZ did not come up with anything new. Binance X is a replica of Google X (now called X Development LLC.), а moonshot-level innovative projects company. These projects can be successfull alone as well as pull up capital to the platform.

CZ correctly estimated that ETH big capitalization is the result that it is a successful platform with a huge number of projects that are launched on it. This way, CZ intends to bring BNB to at least second third place in terms of capitalization. And maybe – to first. Currently, BNB is more than 5 times poorer than ETH in terms of capitalization and more than 50 times – than bitcoin.

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