Coins Heroes Lottery: 20 Days to Enter

20 days left before bets in Coins Heroes Lottery will be closed. And less than month left before the drawing. January 3, 2019 someone the luckiest and insightful will hit the biggest jackpot in the history of cryptocurrency! And this is not one person, the prize fund will be drawn among 33 participants who will make the right bet.

What is “the right bet”? You have to guess which of the TOP-5 cryptocurrencies by capitalization, according to, will show the biggest rise in Christmas week, from December 24 to December 31, 2018. That’s it!

Somebody ironically ask – That’s it? When the market is feverous, when capitalization collapsed almost twice in a couple of weeks?!

No one says it’s easy! But there is Luck in the world. It will definitely fall in love with somebody. And there are smart guys among community who are able to read the market and anticipate its movements. There is also our analytics to help you – technical analysis , historical data review  and review of fundamental factors . You just need to want and win!

Kim Dong Pak from Korea acted in such way when the Coins Heroes lottery was held according to September data. And he won $ 100K. More than 8 thousand people took part, 1469 guessed correctly (XRP) and 33 of them received prizes. In addition to the main prize, the winnings were from $ 1K to $ 25K.

Now the lottery matured! The main prize is $ 500K, second place is 100K, third is 50K. Another two will get 25K each and the rest of the 33 who guess correctly – will get $ 10K each.

Seriously. You have to guess the coin with the best rise according to С in the period from 00:00 UTC on December 24 to 24:00 UTC on December 31, 2018. Make a bet (buy a ticket) through the lottery website ( before 00:00 on December 24. And wait for the results of the draw, which will be held on January 3, 2019 in Dubai in the Burj Khalifa tower live!

This happens once in a lifetime. We should be graced with good luck!

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