Metabase – a scalable blockchain and smart op-codes platform for next generation businesses

Metabase is a scalable and modular blockchain platform for developing decentralized applications and next-generation businesses. Starting with a systems design perspective, and the premise that there are currently no comprehensive blockchain platforms for developing simple to complex applications on a robust digital infrastructure, Metabase is the first truly extensible blockchain system for running distributed applications across a variety of usecases.

Metabase supports modular consensus protocols, a dynamic proposition for scaling public blockchain protocols, providing crypto economic equilibriums, as well as increasing usability, which allows the system to be tailored to a broad range of usecases and trust models.

Who Metabase serves:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business
  • Enterprise
  • Government

Equip your emerging smart nation with a digital infrastructure that facilitates innovation and powers the evolving services and outcomes your citizens demand.

Develop a blockchain infrastructure that enables industrial, private/public collaboration.

Metabase features:

  • Scalability

A scalable and extensible blockchain platform that helps you build decentralized applications with high throughput demands.

  • Security

A secure and robust blockchain platform that helps you leverage security libraries to build reliable applications.

  • Usability

An easy to use and customizable blockchain platform that empowers developers with customisable platform-level libraries and intuitive developer tools.

  • Governance

A comprehensive governance mechanism built into the protocol fostering a commonwealth network that can adapt with evolving business, social, and technical needs.

The Metabase team

Monetary Policy

Metacore is the Store Of Value currency of Metabase. It is the primary token of Metabase and will be issued in ICOs and traded on exchanges.Metacore can’t be used as a medium of exchange currency on the blockchain. To pay transaction fees on the blockchain, one first needs to convert Metacore to Metabit tokens and then pay the appropriate fees denominated in Metabit tokens.

Metacore tokens issued via mining will have a deterministic reducing/deflationary supply – similar to Bitcoin but with different generation parameters. Generation parameters of Metacore tokens are hard-coded into the protocol and can’t be modified by Governance Mechanics.

Metacore Tokens Issuance – as Block Rewards

Details of Metacore tokens generated as block rewards are as follows:

  • Block reward per block for the first 2 Million Blocks are fixed at a constant denoted by Reward(max)
  • Block reward per block halves after every 2 Million Blocks, hence block rewards for different block numbers look as follows:

  • Each duration where the block reward is constant is referred to as a ‘Halving Epoch’
  • The duration of a ‘Halving Epoch’ is denoted by halving = 2 Million Blocks
  • Reward(max) will be a constant value determined by token issuance in Pre Sale

Hence, block rewards per block for each of the halving epochs are as follows:

The following graph represents token distribution and network supply over time for all participating groups, assuming

  • All buyers (Pre Sale and Main Sale) have a 1 year vesting schedule
  • 1 Year = 525, 600 Block Numbers
  • 10 million tokens were sold in Pre Sale and hence, Reward(max) = 25

Metabit is the Medium of Exchange currency of Metabase. It is the transactional token of Metabase and will be used to denominate transaction fees. Metabit as a currency is inflationary in supply with a degree of demurrage associated which can be governed by the governance framework.


Metabase ICO

Metabase (ticker META) Private Sale ended.

Token price for Pre Sale (without factoring in discounts) is fixed at 0.02 USD/META (2 USD cents per META).

A buyer in the Pre Sale event can’t purchase more than 10% of the total tokens allocated for Pre Sale.

Metabase (META) Token Sale

Token price during Main Sale (without factoring in discounts) increases linearly from 0.02 USD/META (2 USD cents per META) to 0.06 USD/META (6 USD cents per META). BTC, ETH, USD will be accepted for buying META.

Token allocation

Use of proceeds

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