What are Whitepaper and Roadmap?

Whitepaper is an analogue of the business plan and the most important component of any ICO project. The document helps the investor to study the startup in detail and take a decision. Following points should be stated in the Whitepaper:

  • How the idea appeared.
  • How blockchain will be adapted to the market.
  • Analysis of the market, competitors and growth potential.
  • A detailed presentation of the product that is being developed.
  • Description of all technical characteristics and technologies used in development.
  • Practice of commercial application of the product.
  • Conditions for investors at the stages of the Pre-ICO and ICO.
  • What is already done and how much time you need for full implementation.
  • How exactly you use your investments.
  • Description of the team with people and their experience.
  • Bounty campaign.

Roadmap is a systematic scenario for implementing a project on an ICO with fixed deadlines. This allows investors to see a detailed schedule of all stages, key periods of development and financial component.

What is the difference between Whitepaper and Roadmap?

Whitepaper is key document, describing the company’s activities and the development strategy of its product. Roadmap is an important addition to Whitepaper with a systematic instruction for the company and an established deadline.

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