CoinMarketCap had some minor technical issues: some exchanges showed an increase of several coins up to 900%

Today, on August 3, CoinMarketCap (CMC) showed an unimaginable growth of cryptocurrencies’ prices.

Price of Bitcoin on Chinese exchanges like BitForex, Coinbene, FCoin, CoinEX etc was over $73 000. ETH price was over $5 000 on these exchanges, according to CMC. Aeternity, Bitcoin Diamond, Golem and MOAC increased by more than 900%.

Bitcoin is trading at $7 540,17 at press time. ETH price has also become “not unimaginable”, it is $415,15. Aeternity returned from 8th to 28th place. It is trading at $1,74 (-0,80% in a 24-hour period) at press time.

Thus, CoinMarketCap is operating normally, exchanges are providing the truthful information…However, everyone in the crypto community would be glad if the unimaginable growth of coins, which exchanges showed, was true.

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