Opera wallet allows users to collect and send crypto-collectibles

On July 11, Opera has introduced new version of the browser – Opera with Crypto Wallet.

On September 7, Opera announced the expanding of the browser’s private beta to a wider audience and addition of two features “which dramatically improve the user experience of Web3 Dapps and crypto-payments on the web in general.”

Users can now collect CryptoKitties and other collectibles and store them in Opera’s recently announced in-browser crypto wallet as well as send crypto-collectibles directly from the wallet to the person they want to.

The second feature Opera is adding is transaction notifications. Opera is tracking the user’s transactions and notifying them about their progress and completion. The same applies if you are receiving a payment, a token or a collectible: the user will get notified that there is something new in the wallet.

Opera for Android with Crypto Wallet supports Ethereum, All ERC-20 tokens as well as a curated list of ERC-721 Unique Tokens/Collectibles.

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