Pchain (PAI) officially started executive super node campaign called PANDA

Pchain (PAI) is the first native multichain system that supports EVM in the world and it makes large scale blockchain applications possible.

On August 22, Pchain officially started the PANDA – Executive Super Node Campaign. 100 Executive Dynamic Super Nodes will be selected from these participants, who will have the chance to get the highest profit – 60% annualized return.

Condition of participant:The amount of the locked PAI should be greater than or equal to 100,000.

Note: When the main network comes online and DBIT algorithm is officially launched for dynamic super nodes campaign, the amount of the locked PAI will be adjusted to allow more people to participate in.

Registration time (Singapore time):

  • Start on 22nd August at 18:00
  • End on 22nd September at 18:00

Cycle of Executive Super Nodes Campaign (Singapore time) :

  • Start on 22nd August
  • End on 10 working days before the launch of PCHAIN main network. (The exact deadline will be announced separately.)

Users who sign up for the Executive Super Nodes Campaign must submit their personal ETH wallet address on the registration page, so that the main network will be mapped first, and the award of the executive super node campaign will be issued within 1 month.

Note: Do not submit the exchange wallet address, or there will be no reward and PCHAIN will not bear the consequences.

The campaign adopts the individual scoring system, and the individual score will be based on the amount of the locked PAI and the number of locking days (the number locking days = the exective super node campaign deadline -date of submitting personal wallet address). Meanwhile, users are allowed to have a maximum of two times to increase the amount of the locked PAI (add 10,000 PAI at least each time) during the cycle. Finally, unification counts into the total individual score.

  • The first increment time : 21st October at 0:00 ~ 22nd October at 23:59.
  • The second increment time : 21st November at 0:00 ~ 22nd November at 23:59

If the amount of the locked PAI is withdrawn or reduced in the middle of the period, the individual score will be 0.

The system updates the user’s individual ranking & benefit status on 20th October & 20th November. The reward will be issued after the main network is online.

  • The final results of 100 executive dynamic super nodes will be announced the day after the deadline.
  • Publish the final top 50 users according to valid scores, and directly become the annual super node.
  • The system will randomly select semi-annual super nodes from all participants after ranking 51st.

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