The role of bitcoin in the global economy is constantly growing

Michael Sonnenshein, the head of the Grayscale cryptocurrency investment fund, believes that bitcoin is increasingly being integrated into the financial sector. The fund manager shared his opinion in an interview with YouTube channel The Compoud.

Michael believes that cryptocurrencies have already taken a confident position as an investment tool, and in the future, their significance will only increase. A lot of investors and analysts already consider bitcoin “digital gold.”

Recently, institutional investors have shown great interest in bitcoin. In addition, in almost all economic markets, the attitude towards bitcoin is changing for the better, as Sonneshine notes. This trend is a positive signal for the entire crypto industry.

Although interest is growing in all digital assets, Michael considers BTC to be the main cryptocurrency, in every sense of the word. Bitcoin is a leader both in fame and in demand among beginners and investment professionals. This is not to say that investors ignore Altcoins, but, nevertheless, most coins are in the background.

Earlier, Grayscale Development Director Rayhaneh Sharif-Askari denied rumors that institutionalists are leaving the market. Ryanekh claims that large players are increasing investments in cryptocurrency, and this will continue in the future.

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