Balina explains why he has recieved Mainframe (MFT) presale tokens to his hacked ETH address

As we know, in the middle of April Ian Balina, an influential blockchain and cryptocurrency Investor, was hacked.

Today, July 11, the news appeared that he recieved Mainframe presale tokens to his hacked ETH address. Immediately these tokens were sold off to Binance.

The crypto community was shocked, someone even wrote “Expose this scammer asap”.

Members of crypto community waited for Balina’s answer. And the investor wrote:

β€œTo the anonymous trolls spreading FUD, I participated in Mainframe pre-sale back in February before the hack. This was via a smart contract and the wallet receiving address could not be changed. Once tokens were released this month, I sent to Binance to prevent hackers from stealing them since they already have private keys to the compromised wallet that was receiving them. As usual, always do your homework and don’t believe random FUD from anonymous people online. I know a lot of people love to hate me and wish this were true but you’re really reaching with this one. Everything is on the blockchain, just do the damn research.”

Balina’s response looks truthful and convincing. Therefore, remember that you should never panic because of unsubstantiated news, you should always first figure out and look into the official source or wait for an answer from the person in question.

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